Washer and Dryer Repair

Washer and Dryer Repair
At Your Service Today Appliance Repair is dedicated to keeping up on the latest technology in order to provide quality repairs on your Washer and Dryer.

We repair most makes and models in a timely fashion to reduce your laundry downtime.
Determining what is causing your washer or dryer to malfunction can be challenging. As with most appliances, resolutions to basic washer and dryer repair problems are the same for most models and manufacturers. With a dryer, defective gas coils may prevent it from heating up; a broken drive belt and/or idler pulley stops it from tumbling; defective motors result in a noisy machine; and a bad cycling thermostat will trigger overheating. With a washer, a bad lid switch keeps the machine from spinning; a blocked drain line prevents the water from being pumped out; and if both occur simultaneously, the machine's pump pulley is most likely frozen.
Minimize washer and dryer repair by conducting routine maintenance. Examine the dryer's vent pipe for lint annually and the lint filter after each use for lint build-up. Replace any worn or torn filters and clean any residue with a soft brush and liquid detergent. The interior of the dryer's cabinet also is a haven for lint. Set up a maintenance schedule for your washer that includes checking and replacing worn hoses and, in some models, cleaning the lint filter. Lint filters are located inside the agitator or near the tub's topside.
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