Q & A

Q & A
Q: Does your Dryer vent need to be cleaned once a year?
A: Yes

Q: Should your condenser coil on your refrigerator be cleaned once a year?
A: Yes

Q: Should your dryer be cleaned out periodically?
A: Yes

Q: Does regular maintenance on a home appliance increase its life cycle?
A: Yes

Q: How quickly can we have a technician come out to our home?
A: Normally, we can schedule an appointment for the same day or the very next day.

Q: Will you move the appliance so the technician can work on it?
A: Yes. Our technicians will move appliances to work on them and move them back when the repair is completed.

Q: Do you leave appliances taken apart?
A: No. We never leave an appliance taken apart unless requested.

Q: What's the best appliance out there?
A: There is no best appliance. They all have their pros and cons. Subzero, however, manufactures the finest refrigerator made in America.

Q: Does your Front Loading Washer move when the cycle is running? 
A: There are a few reasons why this occurs. 
Front Loading Washers should be loaded with the right amount of clothes to be washed. You can't run too small of a load or too big of a load. 
The key is to make sure you have enough clothes to run a cycle properly and not to overstuff the washer. 

Q: Why should I contact an Appliance Repair Specialist to repair my front loading dryer? 
A: Front loading dryers don't always have an access panel on the front or back. 
The dryer panels have to be taken apart by an experienced appliance repair specialist. They have to clean your lint and dust out completely to prevent overheating and clogging to prevent fires. 

Q: If my dryer is taking longer than one cycle to dry my clothes, is this correct? 
A: If your dryer is taking longer than 1 cycle to adequately dry your clothes, give us a call. This is not the norm. 

Tip: Some dryers have sensors in them. You have to have enough clothes in the dryer with enough moisture on the clothes in order for your dryer sensor to function properly.
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